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Bedroom Storage Solutions for your Contemporary Home

When choosing bedroom furniture, you don’t have to choose between function and style because you can have both! The range of wood finishes, styles and shapes available can suit a range of decor styles. Our bedroom range includes modern, mid-century design, Scandinavian, and wood finished furniture, either New Zealand made by Danske Mobler or exclusive imported collections.


Storage can add to the style of your home while hiding away untidiness and providing a surface for knick knacks, jewellery and photos.

Make the most of drawer space

Use tallboy and lowboy dressers to place any clutter that doesn’t quite suit hanging in your wardrobe into a drawer or behind a cupboard door. Tuck away clothes, blankets and pillows out of sight, and stay organised.

Choose a dresser with varying sizes of drawers if you like to store smaller and larger items separately, or just don’t want to use drawer inserts to keep everything organised. Fold using the Marie Kondo style so that when you open your drawers you’ll see everything at a glance, with the added bonus of being able to fit more in.

To keep things handy that you want before bed or in the middle of the night without adding a pile of clutter, opt for a bedside cabinet with drawers. You’ll experience a more rested night’s sleep and have less dusting to do. You can always add a ring dish to keep small items contained.

Putting your things on display 

To complement your style and break up the room, use the top of your dresser to show off your books, jewellery, photos, a lamp or plants and other things you treasure.

Skip the matching game

Choose a set of dressers and bedside cabinets from the one collection over mixing and matching, because when furniture is of the same design the overall look is more elegant and stylish. Always match your headboard to your dressers for the complete look.