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Wedding Registers

Are you planning your wedding?
If so, our warmest congratulations! 

You are going to experience many exciting times over the weeks and months leading up to your important day, and some stressful times too. So why not let Danske Møbler take away some of the stress by creating a Wedding Register for you. 

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You can either:

Choose one item (or more) of furniture and have your guests contribute towards the cost. This option is very popular as it allows our furniture consultants to show your guests the actual furniture you have chosen when they come into the showroom to make their contribution.


Set up an account with us, which your guests contribute to. Then, when your big day is over and life has settled down again you can both come in together and choose furniture at leisure, putting the value of your guests’ contributions towards it. This option is perfect for when you are not quite sure of what you want, or simply too busy to make a decision.

As you can see from this website, Danske Møbler has a comprehensive range of furniture to choose from and our furniture consultants can advise you on the best option to proceed with, according to your individual requirements.

Upon conclusion of the Wedding Register we will forward you a list of who has made contributions, or earlier than this at your request.


By opening a Wedding Register with Danske Møbler you agree to spend all funds collected on the register at Danske Møbler. No refunds will be given.