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Finding the Perfect Mattress

Sleep easy on the mattress of your dreams with our tips on how to choose the perfect mattress for you. 

Danske Mobler proudly stocks New Zealand made beds by Sealy, because Sealy recognises the importance of sleep. The amount of sleep you get at night has a significant impact on your energy, mood and productivity during the day. 

One of the key factors to ensuring revitalising sleep is a comfortable and supportive bed. That’s why it’s important to consider the mattress you’re purchasing. When you choose Sealy, you are making the first and possibly the most important step to improving the quality of your sleep, so you can make the most of your day. 

Buying a new bed can be daunting, so be sure to take your time before making the final decision. Do online research, ask questions in-store about the specifications, the differences between one bed over another, etc.  Most of all, be sure to lie down for a while on the beds you are considering, with your partner, and move about as if you are in bed.  This will give a good indication of mattress movement and overall comfort and support.


Mattress Types and Materials 

Knowing and understanding the different kinds of mattresses and their individual benefits is very important in helping to make your decision on which mattress to purchase.

Memory foam

A super popular mattress type, which provides excellent support as the memory foam conforms and contours to the shape of your body. Although memory foam is not as great with airflow, meaning you may retain body heat during the night and feel warmer. 


Similar to memory foam, latex mattresses provide you with comfort and support. They’re also super dust-resistant, making them a great hypo-allergenic choice. 


Innerspring mattresses provide great edge support and, although some don’t conform to your body as well as others, they remain a very popular mattress type. 


A hybrid mattress is usually a combination of a spring or coil base with a memory or latex foam top - giving you the best of both worlds. It provides great comfort and support while allowing sufficient airflow to keep you cool. 


Whether you want to sink into your mattress like a cloud, or are looking for something firmer and more supportive, it’s important to consider the firmness of your mattress prior to purchasing. 

The main advantage of a firmer mattress is they provide more spinal support and can aud back pain and help with posture. If you’re someone who struggles with aches and pains, it’s recommended to choose a medium-firm mattress. It will provide firm support while still giving the benefits of comfort. 

Alternatively, if you tend to sleep on your side, opting for a softer mattress is often recommended. When you sleep on your side it can put a lot of pressure on your shoulder and hip joints, which is why having a soft to medium firmness that conforms to your body is better. 



Something to consider when choosing the size of your mattress is not only how much space you want to have on your bed, but how much space your room allows. 

It’s important to make sure you have enough room to get comfy! This will be determined through a few factors, such as, if you sleep alone or with a partner, your height and body size, and your sleeping position. 

We suggest taking note of the measurements of your mattress. This way you’ll know how much space you’ll have and how much room you’ll need. 

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