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Inspiration: Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is characterised by its simple clean lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing it’s style and beauty. 

Browse our range of carefully selected, Scandinavian style furniture and let us help you create the perfect Scandi look in your home. 

After the finest locally produced furniture? Browse through our NZ Made Collection for Scandinavian inspired furniture designed, constructed and loved by Danske Mobler. 


Scandi - no coffee tables

In true Scandinavian style, it’s time to get rid of unnecessary clutter and adopt the “less is more” mantra. One of the biggest characteristics of Scandi style is having a minimalist interior design and focusing on creating a visually relaxing, open area in your home. Therefore, it’s important to implement storage options that will utilise your space, ensuring everything has a place. 

At Danske, we have a wide range of stylish and practical storage solutions so you can easily create organised bliss within your home. 


1608_Coastal Bedroom Suite Dressed 5mb

A Scandinavian colour palette mostly consists of neutral, muted tones. Think whites and greys, these give a clean and open look in your space by naturally creating light. 

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to inject some colour, incorporate shades that mimic nature, like forest green and blush tones. However, these additions should be subtle - keeping your space open and allowing your furniture and accents to do the talking. 


5151_Ocean Grove Table - Grove Chairs 5pce 5mb

To create a Scandinavian look in your home, incorporate furniture pieces that align with the concept of clean, crisp lines, style and of course comfort. 

Explore our range to find the perfect Scandinavian style piece for your home, including the Scandi Lounge Suite and Danish inspired Nordic Lounge Suite. Designed with slim arms and wooden legs, these sofas present a stylish suite that don’t compromise on comfort. These pieces are the perfect mix of contemporary minimalism and cosy comfort which easily create an effortless Scandi style in your home. 

They’re carefully crafted in our Mt Eden warehouse, allowing you the freedom to customise your furniture piece with a range of different NZ fabric options. 

Decor & Accents 

A rug, chunky cable knit blanket, some faux fur or piece of art are perfect additions in creating a Scandinavian style look and are an easy, yet stylish way to incorporate that pop of colour.

Similarly, include some green and pink tones by inviting nature into your home. Connect the outdoors with the interior of your space through the addition of a plant or some flowers, to naturally brighten your home! 

Browse our range of Scandinavian style furniture to find the perfect pieces for your home. 

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