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Inspiration: Style your Bedroom Furniture

Great furniture sets the stage for your bedroom, but accents and colour make it feel like home.

Dress up your bed, dresser, and bedside cabinet combo with a chair, soft furnishings and decor pieces to soften up your space, and to express yourself.

Bring in Nature

Add some greenery into the space by placing a plant next to or on top of your dresser. Choose a plant and pot or basket that add to the style of your home. We love pairing snake plants and spider plants for a Scandinavian look, and ferns and Yucca for a farmhouse look. These plants can also help purify the air, so it's not only their look that gives your bedroom a lift.

Balance Matching and Mis-matching Elements

Create varying heights in your room with a variation of tallboy, lowboy and bedside dresser, and mixing in plants, a floor lamp or a mirror of a different height.

When matching furniture, choose complementary colours or woods, or stick to all white or black accents. Or simply choose a complete set of furniture to keep it simple.

Inject Personality

Add some interest to a furniture set by placing pieces on opposite walls, and switch up the types of items you place on top. Mismatch textures, heights and finishes to draw the eye, mixing a metal finished mirror with a suede tray and a wooden framed photo, for example.

Add a Chair or Ottoman

We love to pair a chair or ottoman to complement our bedroom furniture. Take a seat when putting on shoes or to read a book, and put your feet up for a fully relaxing space. This is a fun way to add a softer fabric into the room to complement your bedding.