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Leather vs. Fabric – The Perfect Sofa

Danske Mobler offers a wide range of fabric and leather sofas and suites to suit your living room. The hardest part is choosing which one. That’s why we’ve outlined the pros and cons of fabric and leather sofas – to make it easy for you!

Browse our extensive living room furniture collection, with a range of imported and NZ made suites that are all about matching your individual comfort, style and interior design.

When choosing your new sofa it’s important to take into consideration life factors, personal style and preference. So have a read, browse our collection and let Danske Mobler help you find the perfect fit for you.


Care and Maintenance

When you’re purchasing your new lounge suite, it’s wise to take into consideration the cleaning and maintenance that will entail. Both fabric and leather each have their own care regimes, so being aware of this prior to purchase might help in making your decision. We suggest to keep both leather and fabric couches away from direct sunlight as this can cause premature fading and deterioration.  At Danske Mobler, we also advise to only use specialist cleaning products to treat your sofa.  For leather, this is the Pellé range of cleaning products.

Always read the instruction carefully before using any cleaning product on your lounge suite.

Fabric Care

As fabric has a tendency to be more absorbent to liquid, it’s good to soak up spills quickly to avoid staining - but be careful not to rub too vigorously. With your fabric sofa, it’s wise to vacuum regularly, to remove any dust and grit and avoid it building up in your couch causing premature wear. 

Similarly, when using foaming upholstery cleansers, always spot test on a hidden part first to check for any adverse reaction with the fabric. 

Leather Care 

Leather is perceived to be easier to clean, wiping spills is definitely simpler than fabric for example. However, like fabric, dust can be very abrasive to leather, which is why it’s important to regularly use a damp cloth to wipe surfaces. Special care should also be taken to clean between folds, as grit and dust collect in these areas.


Your lounge suite is a significant piece of furniture in your home and will get a lot of use. That’s why it's important you love the way it feels. So, whether it's cosy comfort you’re after, or a more defined, firm feel, our extensive selection of imported and NZ made lounge suites has you covered. 

Fabric and leather sofas can be just as comfortable as each other, with some differing factors in the feel. In winter months, leather tends to feel cooler when you initially sit down but quickly warms up as you spend time sitting.  Whereas, fabric allows for a more ‘broken in’ feel that’s soft and comfortable from the first use.

However, a lot of comfort comes down to the foam and that’s why it’s important to be aware that at Danske Mobler our foams will soften within the first six months of use.  It’s called ‘settling’ and is a natural process of foam. From there-on, our high-quality foam will remain consistent and super comfortable. 

Style and Appearance 

At Danske Mobler, we’ve got a wide collection of leather and fabric sofas and suites to suit your individual style, space and interior design. It’s just up to you to decide which upholstery style matches you and your home perfectly.

Fabric certainly provides a wide range of colours and variations of material, meaning you can get creative by adding a pop of colour to your lounge with bold, bright tones, or go for a moody feel with darker colours, or create a minimal look through muted tones.

Leather will always provide a sleek, sophisticated style to any home. As leather is a natural product, each hide is different and variations to the grain, heal marks, stretch or growth lines are what distinguishes leather and provides its unique style.

Browse our range of stylish, comfortable fabric and leather sofas and lounge suites to find the perfect fit for your home.

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