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Selecting and Maintaining your New Zealand Made Eden Outdoor Furniture

The New Zealand made Eden outdoor furniture range is carefully designed, expertly constructed and loved by Danske Møbler.

From outdoor tables to outdoor chairs and outdoor dining suites, the New Zealand made range has everything you need to get your outdoor area sorted for summer.

In the New Zealand made Eden outdoor furniture collection you’ll discover a wide variety of designs and styles, carefully chosen to reflect current international trends but tailored to suit the unique climate conditions of New Zealand.


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Outdoor Seating

Select your ideal seating with the Eden outdoor chair or opt for a bench style. The Eden outdoor chair conveniently comes in a range of different colours, so you can find the perfect match for the style of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Tables

Select from a range of different styles, including round, oblong, square and oval extension, all expertly designed and crafted in New Zealand by Danske Mobler.

Outdoor Dining 

For a complete look, opt for one of our stylish, comfortable outdoor dining suites - perfect for outdoor dining with friends and family.


Outdoor Furniture Materials

Outdoor Timber Characteristics

The wood used in our New Zealand made Eden outdoor furniture is either certified rosewood or Accoya®, felled from sustainably managed forests. Both kinds of wood are very suited to outdoor use due to their inherent strength and density. Unlike some other types of wood like kwila, both rosewood and Accoya ® are almost non-bleeding.

You may notice that small cracks, splits and twisting appear in the timber, particularly on the end grain and to a lesser extent on the surface.  This is natural behaviour of wood suitable for outdoor use and is not a manufacturing defect.


How to Maintain Your New Zealand Made Eden Outdoor Furniture

Wooden Furniture

It is essential to establish a regular cleaning and maintenance programme to ensure New Zealand made Eden wooden furniture remains in good condition, colour and appearance.

We recommend Legacy and Woodland furniture care products. The best product to use is dependent on the Eden model, so check with one of our in-store experts for which product applies to your furniture.

Maintenance - Stainless Steel

The New Zealand made Coast frames are 304 grade stainless steel, however, it may still get small surface spots of rust (tea staining). To clean this, use a very fine steel wool with Autosol Metal Polish. After cleaning, coat the stainless steel with WD-40 spray to help protect the surface.

If you live close to coastal areas your stainless steel furniture may require more frequent maintenance due to the effects of the salt air.

Shop the NZ-made range of outdoor furniture online, or in-store now, ready for summer.

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