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Selecting and Maintaining your Outdoor Furniture

Browse our range and choose from suites or mix and match tables, chairs and benches to create the perfect mix for your outdoor area. 

Discover our range of outdoor furniture – we have everything from smaller, lightweight aluminium furniture for the balcony, to a variety of sizes and materials, like rattan and solid wood furniture, for your spacious garden. Find the ones that suit your style and space and enjoy your outdoor living area! 

Transform your backyard living area into a cosy place for get togethers, BBQs and parties with your friends and loved ones. 

After the finest locally produced outdoor furniture? Browse through our NZ Made Collection for outdoor furniture designed, constructed and loved by Danske Møbler.


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Select your perfect lounging style and choose a coffee table and side tables to suit. Choose from corner suites, chairs, 2-seater and 3-seater sofas.


For the perfect Alfresco meal, choose from our range of dining tables and chairs, and suites. With options for the right table size to suit your space, we’re sure to have an option for your style

Sunloungers and Day Beds

Take relaxation to another level on one of our sun loungers or a daybed. Choose a colour and style to suit your home, to blend in or stand out. Our Melrose Outdoor Day Bed is a comfy spot to lie in the sun, and the fold-back canopy is great for shade and sun protection.

Furniture Materials

Outdoor Timber Characteristics

The wood used in our New Zealand made Eden furniture is either certified rosewood or Accoya® felled from sustainably managed forests. Both woods are very suited to outdoor use due to their inherent strength and density. Unlike Kwila, both woods are almost non-bleeding.

Small cracks, splits and twisting may appear in the timber, particularly on the end grain and to a lesser extent on the surface. This is natural behaviour of wood suitable for use outdoors, occurring as the natural oils and minerals evaporate with exposure to the sun, wind and rain.

Outdoor Woven Wicker Characteristics

The woven wicker furniture is made from polyethylene (PE), which is a synthetic material designed to be lightweight but extremely hard wearing. PE is perfect for outdoor use as it is weather resistant to frosts, water and UV light (rated at 3000 hours). The material is also very easy to clean. Weaving the PE material around an aluminium frame provides a soft and supple seat surface that moulds to your body for maximum comfort.

Accoya® Wood

Accoya® wood is the world’s most durable, stable and sustainable outdoor furniture timber. It has a 50-year guarantee for outdoor use. Accoya® is New Zealand grown, sustainably forested radiata pine. The timber is shipped to Accsys Technologies in The Netherlands where it undergoes a proprietary acetylation process that produces this revolutionary product.

The acetylation process uses acetic anhydride, which comes from acetic acid (vinegar when diluted), and involves a pressurised injection system that alters the physical properties of the wood by changing and hardening the cells.

Essentially, the wood is pickled in a 100% vinegar-type solution. This has the effect of reducing the ability of the wood to absorb water, thus rendering it more stable and extremely durable.

Shade your space with a specialty designed Sun Umbrella

No outdoor setting is complete without a sun umbrella to provide shade from the effects of New Zealand’s harsh sun while you relax on your deck or patio.

Centre pole umbrellas are designed to insert into a dining table, but cantilever are stand-alone umbrellas ideal for shading outdoor lounge suites, allowing for them to be moved throughout the day to continue to block the sun.

Choose from a range of umbrella bases to find the best for your home, then add a cover to protect your umbrella from the weather while it’s not in use.

Maintaining your Outdoor Furniture 

Maintenance – Eden Wooden Furniture

It is essential to establish a regular cleaning and maintenance programme to ensure New Zealand made Eden wooden furniture remains in good condition, colour and appearance. We recommend water based Gecko and Woodland furniture stains.The best product to use is dependent on the Eden model, so please ask in-store for advice on which product applies to your furniture.

Maintenance – Stainless Steel

The New Zealand made Inlet and Coast frames are 304 grade stainless steel. The stainless steel may still get small surface spots of rust (tea staining). To clean this, a very fine steel wool can be used with Autosol Metal Polish. After cleaning, coat the stainless steel with WD-40 spray to help protect the surface. Locations close to coastal areas require more frequent maintenance due to the effects of salt air.

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