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The Fabric Lounge Suite Guide

The lounge or living area is one of the most important spaces in your home. A place to entertain guests, catch up with family and friends, or chill out with a good book. Whether it's the lounge, general living space, or a television room - your sofa or lounge suite is bound to get a substantial amount of use.

With a wide selection of fabric lounge suites at Danske Mobler, it makes selecting a sofa that's comfortable, stylish and complements your space easy.

Check out all the benefits of owning a fabric sofa and learn how to care and maintain your lounge suite too.

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Benefits of Fabric Lounge Suites

One of the most significant benefits of a fabric lounge suite is the wide variation of colours and patterns available. With fabric it’s easy to find a sofa that perfectly suits your living room.

With a wide selection of colours, fabric offers the opportunity to add a pop of colour with a bold tone, add a touch of elegance with a velvet sofa, or keep it minimalist with neutral tones.

The range of fabric lounge suites at Danske Mobler allows you to select the ideal sofa, with a range of colours to suit your existing décor.

Popular Fabric Lounge Suites

Stretch out and relax in comfort and style on the Perth 3-seater chaise RHF lounge suite. It’s a generously proportioned suite with plump cushions full of comfort in a cream tone fabric that will seamlessly fit into any space. The Perth chaise lounge suite makes no compromise on style or quality and offers a cosy look to your living room.

Alternatively, for an elegant, traditional style that’s made in New Zealand by Danske Mobler, you can’t go past the Rachel sofa. Looking fabulous in gold velvet, the Rachel sofa will sit proudly as the centrepiece in your living room no matter what fabric you choose.

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Maintenance and Care

To keep your fabric sofa in good condition, we recommend vacuuming weekly to help remove dust which can be very abrasive and cause premature wear. When vacuuming, take special care to reach between folds, seams and under and behind cushions as this is where grit and dust readily collect.

We also recommend to immediately soak up any spills (avoid hard rubbing), and while it is suggested that fabric cleaning is undertaken by a certified cleaner, always spot test any foaming aerosol upholstery cleaner prior to use.

Check out all our care and maintenance advice here.

Browse our range of stylish, comfortable fabric sofa designs to find the perfect fit for your home, family and lifestyle.

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