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The Leather Lounge Suite Guide

Your lounge suite is often the focal point of a room - a place for relaxing, catching up with friends or watching movies with your family. That’s why we understand it’s important to use only the highest quality materials.

Leather is considered to be the most sensuous of furniture covering; its tactile properties providing an unmistakable appeal. There’s nothing quite like it. Even with your eyes shut you instantly recognise the luxurious feel of a fine leather sofa or armchair.

Check out this blog to get to know our leather, our most popular sofa designs, and learn how to care for your leather lounge suite.

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Get to Know Our Leather

Danske Mobler made suites can be purchased in your choice of distinctive leathers made in New Zealand by Tasman Tanning of Whanganui. The comprehensive range includes the ‘naturals’ collections of full grain leathers characterised by growth lines, healed scars and shading differences. Each hide is unique and only the best hides are used in the natural’s collections.

Since 1953 Tasman has been putting consistent and meticulous care into every stage of the product journey, to provide an unmatched product. As the world’s only end-to-end leather processor they have the unique ability to control every variable throughout their processes. Not only that, Tasman has a strong focus on sustainability and are committed to practises that preserve the natural beauty of Aotearoa.

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Popular Lounge Suites

The Verona Sofa leather collection, exclusive to Danske Mobler, is lightly ‘corrected’ to ensure a consistent grain and colour look, as well as an extra layer of protection for strength and durability. The top surface is buffed to improve grain and surface quality, then fully pigmented. The leather also receives an embossed print to even out the appearance of the hide.

Also, trending now is the Vintage collection of oiled leather. Light buffing reveals a nubuck nap (suede-like) which is then dressed in a wax application and followed with a hot iron. A vintage appearance is achieved once the leather is lightly tumbled, adding depth and character. The Harvey sofa and Louis sofas are two models perfectly suited to this leather.

Get the right fit for your home with our Danske Mobler made suites that are custom made to order in our upholstery factory in Auckland. Plus, not only fall in love with the style of your sofa or lounge suite, but trust in the quality with our lifetime warranty off frames, and 10-year warranty on suspension, seat foams and workmanship.

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Maintaining & Caring For your Leather Lounge Suite

To keep your leather sofa in good condition, try to situate your furniture out of direct sunlight or heat as this can cause the leather to become faded, dry or cracked.

Over time, the accumulation of body oils, skin products, perspiration, creams, hair products and general grime in key contact areas (such as head rests, arms and seating) can be detrimental to the leather's outer protective topcoats. That’s why it’s recommended to regularly wipe down your leather lounge suite with a damp cloth.

Establish a regular cleaning cycle and only use specialist leather care cleaning products and moisturisers.  We recommend the Pellé Leather Care System, which can be purchased from our stores.  Be sure to ask for advice on the correct products for the type of leather on your sofa or suite.  Avoid using general household cleaning products as these can cause permanent damage to the leather.

Browse our range of stylish, comfortable leather sofa designs to find the perfect fit for your home, family and lifestyle.

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